Ji Yoon Jen Chung is an interdisciplinary artist working with research-based studio practice.

She uses drawing, photography, sculpture, and digital fabrication as modalities for converting an immaterial phenomenon into a material form. Her work focuses on the invisible and insignificant transitions which are often taken for granted, unnoticed, and forgotten. Oftentimes, the attempt to preserve the ephemerality and concede the inevitability of a transitory phenomenon collides and coexists in her work. Derived from transitions, her artistic practice is an act of condolence for the transient presence which takes time and indulges every process as an acceptance of loss.

In her perspective, memory is viewed as the residues formed between transitions. Memory is understood as an ephemeral transition constructed and reconstructed through one’s sensory perception. The attempt to preserve a transitory phenomenon through different modalities inevitably leads to an alteration of memory. Her experiential works are oftentimes an intuitive process that utilizes the transitions between different modalities as a metaphor of her narrative. Her practice is a personal memoir that ultimately characterizes specific correlations between various autobiographical retrieval cues and the level of memory modifications.

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