Between the Two: Semantic and Episodic

Inkjet Printer Ink on Soap, 80x290x5 cm, 2017
Inkjet Printer Ink on Soap, 9cm diameter each, 2017

Inkjet Printer Ink on Soap, 80x290x5 cm, 2017

Retrospection is a process which is led by the crums of scattered memories. In my viewpoint, the scenery of the location does not change and stays as it is, yet the internal interpretation of the surrounding place alters as time passes. I scratched out the ink from the thermoelectronic prints and scattered on the surface of liquefied soap. Final results were both the sculptural soaps, that were dyed by sprinkled ink, and a participatory performace by distributing the soaps.

While people roam around the gallery, they naturally create a memory of the displayed artwork. Instead of taking an abstract memory, I made an intent for the audience to slice out their own chunk of memory contained soap. The physical property of a soap, how it dissolves and liquefies, was thought to be as similar as our memory. As a participatory art, it is the participant’s own will to dissolve, discard, or forget about the chunk of work.


Monthly Art Magazine of Korea
<Korea’s 100 Art Graduate Shows, Future of Korea’s Art>, 01/2018, Vol.396
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2018, Connect the Dots, Bahrom Gallery, Seoul KR