to a certain extent

mixed media on paper, 6x6inch each, 2018

Going back to the earlier stage, mechanical production and reproduction became possible because of the introduction of camera obscura, printing technology, and other visualization devices. Accessibility to images became easier for society and the way people reproduced images altered and simplified. If hand drew paintings and drawings of a still life or landscape was the initial method of replicating an image, it is now possible to not only copy the exact duplication on to a two-dimensional surface but also making a three-dimension replica is as easy to print on a piece of paper. Besides the comparison of traits of digital and human-created variation, I have also noticed that because of the circulation of time, it was possible to revisit a certain place at the same time. The location where the photograph is taken is layered with numerous memories. The natural traits of time, creating a layer of memory on top of the layer that has been made previously, eventually form a distinctive variation. The link between the concept of variations with the human memory system and the machine seemed to be the passage to identifying the equivalent and distinctive features.