It Was Still There

plaster and December 4th, 2019 Providence snow,
plaster and December 2nd, 2019 Providence snow

When water freezes with the physically visualized shape and the scent of memory, it will be firmly held while it transforms into ice. Memories are metaphorically replicated as a form of frozen water, which soon melt and disappear. Capturing the moment of transition is to explore the in between and evidence of its existence. The residue is the solidified part, in which the melted water is blended with plaster.

At any rate, nothing just vanishes; of everything that disappears there remain traces. The problem is what remains when everything has disappeared. It’s a bit like Lewis Carroll’s Cheshire Cat, whose grin still hovers in the air after the rest of him has vanished. Or like the judgement of God: God disappears, but he leaves behind his judgment.        
                                                                                                                                      - Jean Baudrillard Why Hasn’t Everything Already Disappeared?

2020, WETWIRED in the MEATSPACE, Boston Cyberarts, Boston MA

2020, AREA CODE Art Festival