Laser Print on Wood, 30.5x61.5x43.8 cm, 2017, DASIDAA (Ji Yoon Chung, Ji Hyun Lee, Ga Young Lee)

As a participant at the Seoul Fab Lab’s ‘2017 We Fab City’, my team DASIDAA made a wooden bench for Sewoon Plaza.  The location which was an electronic department built in 1968, also renowned as the capital of electronic industry, is now a demolished complex waiting for a regeneration project called‘Again Sewoon Project’. I took part on the design and the illustration which is engraved on the surface of the folded exterior. Praying for the success of rehabilitation, traditional Korean paintings were used as a reference. Placed at the balcony of Sewoon Plaza, it will act as a facility for people and an art work desiring for the well regeneration.